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Rune Meanings GIBOR The Sacred marriage


Attract the Perfect Marriage into your life now!

This is the eighteenth and last Lesson. You can now build a Program of Daily Runic Meditations.

Take one Rune a day and breathe it into your aura. Then go on to another. Do not be concerned with what is happening. The Runic energies from the Quantum Ocean will be flowing towards you and working on you. The process has started. Go on with your life and look for the new events, people, feelings that you will experience. These will be the effect of the Rune energies which are the cause.

Once these new people, events, fellings appear then take conscious action.

RUNE-GIBOR is the last rune. It is the Rune of FULFILLMENT. For many of us fulfillment on the physical plane means marriage. On the highest spritual level it means Union With God.

Rune symbols are ancient.. They represent the keys to Universal Energies of Creation. Rune-GIBOR is a symbol for an energy, it is not a word. It is a primary abstraction that existed long before the Viking Age.

Use this runic energy, breathe it into your aura. YES, inside of you.

I am a Viking and I love Viking History. I have included some hard to find Viking history for you to read. I enjoyed it and I hope you will also, Ragnar.

Our eighteenth is the RUNE-GIBOR #18

"The murmuring Runes of the Universe, the sacred symbols of Salvation of the Cosmos are deeply buried within ourselves, in our soul as inherited memories. They call, murmur and rush within us, and we could not get them outside of us by imitation, if they were not built into us since eternity.

May the murmur of the Runes Call us to action.

Wake them up!

Today we must use the Sword of the Mind (Quantum Physics), it is more polished and sharper and makes our victory certain.

Rune Gibor's primary function is the sacred marriage.

"The wonderful thing concerning the Runes is that they have an individual life, that the interpretation and meaning is within them and not within us, not in our arbitray thinking (abstracting)."


Rune of Sacred Marriage

Rune of Fulfillment

Rune of The Wheel Of Life

Union With God


Protection From Evil Forces

Choose the keyword that you need in your life the most at this time. Then start your breathing exercises with it.

RUNE-GIBOR attracts powerful energies out of the Quantum Ocean into your life.

RUNE-GIBOR can be considered the GIFT ENERGY. It is also called the Rune Of The Wheel Of Life.

The purpose of life is to become more conscious, more godlike. As you tread on the Wheel Of Life from incarnation to incarnation you will become more perfect. Many of us, when studying the Runes get stuck in the Viking Age plane of existence. We believed that the Runes were only for the Vikings.

Not true! The Runes are Universal Creative Energies that always existed in the Cosmic All. They existed before Odin. He only rediscovered them for us. Guido Von List rediscovered them once again.

I am rediscovering them again, on the Quantum Ocean level. The runic energies were always there.

RUNE-GIBOR helps you on your journey..

One of the major differences between us and the gods/goddesses of the North is that they have been treading the Path to Higher Consciounsess longer than we have. But by using all 18 runes, day after day, you will bring these energies into your life and you too will move higher on the Path to Higher Consciousness.

Runes are not games. They are the most powerful transformational energies availabe for us to use. As we grow in consciousness we become VIKING SPIRIT WARRIORS. Then just by the level of our being we will help preserve all that we love about our ancestral soul.

There is no other way open to us.

Odin's 21st century message to me was, "... this is how I did it. Follow my path and you will soon walk with the gods ..."

This change from within is a slow steady process. You can check on your progress. How? The first signs will be a dissolving of doubt. Doubt as to whether runic energies can indeed help you to recreate your life!


Thank you. Ragnar)


Jomsvikings In fiction

Part 5

Jomsvikings are the focus of the novels The Long Ships by Frans Gunnar Bengtsson and E. R. Eddison's Styrbiorn the Strong, and Horned Helmet, a juvenile historical novel by Henry Treece. Fictionalized versions of the Jomsberg (under the name "Jormsvik") and the Jomsvikings appear in Guy Gavriel Kay's novel The Last Light of the Sun, which is set in a fictional world that closely parallels 9th century Britain and Scandinavia.

Our legendary Jomsburgers also appear in Creative Assembly's Medieval Total War Viking Invasion expansion pack, though they are called Joms Viking. They are the most highly skilled warrior available to the Vikings.

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