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Rune Meanings Rune BAR Spiritual Rebirth


Start your rebirth today.

I hope by now that you have been practicing the RUNIC MEDIATION BREATHING EXERCISE.

If you have then the energies that are coming to you from the Quantum Ocean are already starting to change your life for the better.

The same way our planet experiences rebirth every sunrise, we can experience rebirth of our reality every day.

We need a method, a vehicle, a means to attract more health, wealth and love into our lives, NOW!

Banks won't do it. Hospitals and doctors won't do it. Dressing up, losing weight and combing our hair wont do it.


"The murmuring Runes of the Universe, the sacred symbols of Salvation of the Cosmos are deeply buried within ourselves, in our soul as inherited memories. They call, murmur and rush within us, and we could not get them outside of us by imitation, if they were not built into us since eternity.

May the murmur of the Runes Call us to action.

Wake them up!

Today we must use the Sword of the Mind (Quantum Physics), it is more polished and sharper and makes our victory certain.


Runes are energies. This website is about energies, not rituals and spells. We want to do our work right at the source of all energies. The Quantum Ocean or the Mind of God as our ancestors called it.

Runes are creative energies of the highest power. Non-verbal energies.

The secret to recreating your life is to get these energies inside your aura. They will then attract into your life what you desire.

Like attracts like, through the Laws of Resonant Frequencies.

We primarily use the 18 Rune futhork, or the younger futhork of Guido von List.

It is the least polluted of all the futhorks. It has the purest energy.

We also provide practical information on the 24 rune set.

Each individual rune is a door to the realms of creation. (Quantum Ocean).

Our thirteenth rune is the RUNE-BAR.


What does rebirth mean?

Many of us use computers. There is a separate key "REFRESH". This refreshes the webpage you are working on. It corrects any errors and defects.

We need to "REFRESH" our energy fields on a daily basis. As we go through our chores (events) we use energy and we pick up energy. Energy from people we meet and places where we have been.

Not all this energy is good for our well being.

A daily ritual of invoking the RUNE-BAR energy into our lives will help dispell these negative energies from our aura.

Best time is when you come home from work and are not going to leave your home (castle) for the rest of the evening.

Best place is in the shower. When invoking or breathing in the RUNE-BAR energy, visualize the negative energies in your aura flushing away down the drain.

Remember this site is about practical runic energies. Not about runic history. Learn all you can about runic history from other sites.

Life is an art. Learn to live it as a RUNIC ART.

"The wonderful thing concerning the Runes is that they have an individual life, that the interpretation and meaning is within them and not within us, not in our arbitray thinking (abstracting)."


Rune of Birth

Rune of Revelation

Rune of Continuous Transformation

Death and Rebirth

Meaning of Life

Develops Spiritual, Mystical, Psychic Capabilities

Choose the one keyword that you feel that you need in your life at this time. You will use it for your breathing exercises.

More information on these rune-meanings wil be given on separate webpages

Why is RUNE-BAR called the Rune of Rebirth?

It attracts to you an energy that helps you clean your aura.

Think of your lungs and how important they are to your health. We breathe in clean air (life-force). It enters our lungs and is distributed throughout our body through our bloodsteam.

When the bloodstream finishs its left to right trip it deposits the negative energies back into the lungs.

When we exhale we blow these negative energies from our bodies. In-out; In-out; In-out.

Our breath gives us continous rebirth of good health.

The energies of RUNE-BAR performs the same process with our aura. We need this continous refreshment of good energy.

Learn to breathe in the RUNE-BAR energy quietly after work every day.

As the BAR energies filter into your aura, your level of consciousness will rise. The development of higher spiritual, mystical and psychic capabilities will increase. Same way a good garden grows in good clean soil, your spiritual powers will grow in a clean aura.

Since RUNE-BAR is the Rune of Birth it can be used by expectant mothers to insure a safe, healthy birth of their child



The Jomsviking code

Part 2

The Saga of the Jomsvikings relates that the Jomsvikings were highly selective in deciding who to admit to their order. Membership was restricted to men of proven valor between 18 and 50 (with the exception of a boy named Vagn Ã…kesson, who defeated Sigvaldi Strut-Haraldsson in single combat at the age of 12). In order to gain admission, prospective members were required to prove themselves with a feat of strength, often taking the form of a ritual duel, or holmgang, with a Jomsviking.

Once admitted, the Jomsvikings required adherence to a strict code of conduct in order to instill a sense of military discipline among its members. Any violation of these rules could be punished with immediate expulsion from the order. Each Jomsviking was bound to defend his brothers, as well as to avenge their deaths if necessary. He was forbidden to speak ill of his fellows or to quarrel with them. Blood feuds between members were to be mediated by Jomsviking officers. Jomsvikings were forbidden to show fear or to flee in the face of an enemy of equal or inferior strength, though orderly retreat in the face of vastly outnumbering forces appears to have been acceptable. All spoils of battle were to be equally distributed among the entire brotherhood. No Jomsviking was permitted to be absent from Jomsborg for more than three days without the permission of the brotherhood. No women or children were allowed within the fortress walls, and none were to be taken captive. It is unclear, however, whether members were forbidden marriage or liaisons with women outside the walls.

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