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Rune Meanings Rune OS Spiritual Powers


Bring the Wisdom of Odin and the Gods/goddesses of the North into your life today. Learn how!

Each individual rune opens a door to the Realms of Creation.(Quantum Ocean).

Rune OS Attracts So Soiritual Powers. Its primary function is to attract waves of spiritual energies into your life.

What are spiritual powers and energies? To be spiritual means to become more conscious. Conscious of who you are; where you came from; and where you are going. To be more conscious of other realities; ie the Pantheon of Norse gods/goddesses. More conscious of the Oneness of the Universe (Quantum Ocean). More conscious of the fact that you create your own reality.


Your beliefs create your reality. By using this symbol you will widen your reality. The waves of spiritual energies that you will attract will expand your belief system and broaden your life. You are where you are today because of the energies you have attracted and hold in your system. These energies created your beliefs. These energies create your reality and bring into your life, events, people, places and things.

The OS rune will bring into your life new energies which will expand or replace some of your basic beliefs. This expansion of beliefs will reconstruct and redefine your life. You will be introduced to new people, new places, new events, new ideas. Be alert for them.

You can use rune OS to communicate with Odin. I did! See my Conversations With Odin book.

"The wonderful thing concerning the Runes is that they have an individual life, that the interpretation and meaning is within them and not within us, not in our arbitray thinking (abstracting)."

Rune OS Meanings:

Rune of Odin

Rune of Growth of Spiritual Powers

Rune of Laws of Nature

Rune of Astral and Mental energies

Rune of Speech

The Norse God ODIN is the God of this rune.

GROWTH OF SPIRITUAL POWERS: Rune OS attracts spiritual powers out of the cosmic all (Quantum Ocean) into your life. How do these spiritual powers enter your life? Rune OS raises consciousness. It raises the vibrations in your body. These raised vibrations will raise your level of consciousness. Your raised level of consciousness will attract new events, people, places and things into your life. You will even be able to contact the northern gods/goddesses.

In this modern day world of Quantum Physics we all need to raise our levels of consciousness and our levels of being. We need a larger view of reality and the universe. Rune OS will attract a larger view into your life. Slowly and surely you will see your consciousness rising; your belief systems changing and your reality and life expanding.

Rune OS #4 attract spiritual powers into your life.

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